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Understanding Pathophysiology: Its Direct Impact on Patient Care

Few things in health care have as direct an impact on patient care as pathophysiology. If you know your pathophysiology, you can provide an accurate, speedy assessment and treatment for your patient.

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Rochester, NY

Just about every potentially serious condition has a "trigger point." Once this point is reached, a fairly uniform and predictable set of events occurs - mediators are released, causing worse events to take place. The result, left untreated, is multiple organ system dysfunction, multiple organ system failure, cardiac failure, then death. The seminar will apply this straightforward model to many important medical conditions. Understanding the "whys" behind these events enables us, as health care practitioners, to best assess the patient and intervene in a timely and effective manner. By the end of the day, you'll have a thorough understanding of these principles and will know how and when to properly apply them.


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