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  1. The Terms define the conditions of use of the website medcourses.us hereinafter referred to as "Medcourses.us". 
  2. The publisher of the site is company MARSED. Address: Modrzejewskiej 2/3, 35-328 Rzeszow, Poland, NIP 7952185080, REGON 180920703. 
  3. Following conditions, adjustments, if necessary, can be changed. 
  • 1 General 
  1. In these Regulations, "User" is a person registered on the Website and/or using the available information, resources, publishing their own advertisements and/or content articles. In Medcourses.us, a "Provider" is a user who sells spots in courses or conferences, and the "Client" is a user who places an order. An “Administrator” is a supervisor of content in Medcourses.us.
  2. Termsare subject to all providers by Medcourses.us available on the web site, e-mail or  by phone. 
  3. By accessing the website of Medcourses.us and/or using the search engine, the published information,  available features or making a booking you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and related provisions (including privacy). 
  4. Use of the many services Medcourses.us provides is possible after registering an account. Registrant is required to complete a form with personal details, which must be truthful. Otherwise, Medcourses.us is not responsible for any inconsistency of provided data.
  5. Users have the right to access, correct or request removal of their personal data. 
  6. Your personal data will not be sold, rented or in any way distributed to other entities. Medcourses.us ensures their confidentiality. 
  7. By completing the registration form, the user consents to the processing of personal data by the Administrator to operate Medcourses.us and for marketing purposes.
  8. By opening an account in Medcourses.us, user agrees to function in accordance with 
  9. You agree to take on the entire costs of possible legal proceedings, and awarded or agreed upon settlement of claims.
  10. At the request of the User, personal data given in the registration formis equivalent to your consent to remove the user account fromMedcourses.us.
  11. Administrator has the right to remove User's account when it finds that the data contained in the registration form are invalid.. 
  12. Administrator reports that "cookies" are placed in the User's computer, which in necessary for the proper functioning of Medcourses.us.
  13. Administrator does not bear any responsibility for any errors or incorrect information provided to Medcourses.us .
  14. User acknowledge that Medcourses.us may only present content that does not violate the law, good morals, religious feelings and legally protected rights of others. 
  15. Administrator reserves the right to immediately remove any materials that have been published in violation of the provisions of these Terms. 
  16. User agrees that when using the Medcourses.us, Userwill not:
    a) make available unlawful content (e.g. pornographic, violent, vulgar, ridiculing, libelous, threatening and other content unacceptable and/or socially harmful);
    b) impersonate other individuals or organizations, and make other abuses leading to falsify the origin of the contents, etc.; 
    c) work to the disadvantage of other users; 
    d) use and make available Medcourses.us content for any commercial purpose without the consent of the Administrator; 
    e) violate the copyright for content of Medcourses.us. 
  17. By providing any content on the Medcourses.us, User:
    a) agrees to the modification, editing, translation, copy, promotion, and creation of content based on this and other activities within Medcourses.us;
    b) ensures that it is User own content, is not violating copyright laws or the provisions of these Terms; 
    c) agree that Medcourses.us has the right to reject content inserted by User.  
  18. Userwill not disclaim any rights or compensation from the Administrator orother persons associated with Medcourses.us. 
  19. Medcourses.us is entitled to all rights to logos, images, content, patents, etc. 
  20. Administrator is not responsible for any loss resulting from the use or inability to use services of Medcourses.us. For example, failures, malfunctions,unauthorized access and modification of content, and other reasons related to Medcourses.us.

21 . Administrator is not responsible for content posted by advertisers on Medcourses.us. 

  1. 22. The Administrator is not responsible for the following:
    a) the effects of the use of us by Users in improper manners, contrary to the law and the provisions of these Terms;
    b) damages resulting when third party possesses access to the User account in Medcourses.us; 
    c) damages resulting from improper use of the information contained in Medcourses.us. 
  2. 23. These Terms are on a public page and the Administrator reserves the right to make changes. 
  3. 24. Registration Form appears wherever it is required to provide an e-mail. 
  4. 25. Administrator reserves the right to:
    a) periodic shutdown of Medcourses.us;
    b) changes, corrections or editorial information sent by User;  
    c) remove the entire contents of the us (emergency); 
    d) cease service, after informing users on Medcourse.us. 
  5. 26. Medcourses.us applies the privacy policy described at /privacy-policy/.
  • 2 The operation and content of the Website
  1. The Medcourses.us provides an online platform through which companies, institutions and individuals can offer their programs to the medical industry as well as publish the information. Additionally, announcements and articles related to the medical industry, contacting the publishers, exchange of views, reserving places in courses, conferences and events, promote advertising, send and receive newsletters and e-mails through Medcourses.us is available.
  2. Published content in the Medcourses.us information and advertisements must be truthful, legal and meet ethical and moral standards. Any liability for the content, timeliness, price, description, compliance with reality, level of Medcourses.us, correct (including correct substantive, linguistic, grammatical), complexity of information, announcements, newsletters, e-mails, articles published on the Medcourses.us lays with the authors of published content and not the Administrator. Medcourses.us is not responsible for any changes, cancellation of courses, training, conferences or events. 
  3. The user is required to include only one type of course training in the announcement, and not the entire company's offer. 
  4. Administrator warns that it is forbidden to re-add previously deleted entries in order to shift the order in which they appear. Administrator will remove the entries previously removed and added again with the same content, only to show up first in the list. 
  5. us Administrator has the right at any time to modify its contents, delete or edit the content posted by the user. 
  6. The website does not indicate the quality, us level or rating of any of the published information, advertisements, users registered in the database of Medcourses.us. 
  7. Purchase of course, on the course, training, conference, event, occurs when the user clicks the "place order". 
  8. Members who book a course, training, conference, event, buyer course, a place on the course, training, conference, event, come into direct and legally binding contractual relationship with the advertiser - User, publishes information about the course, training, conferences, event. 
  9. us only act as an intermediary transmitting information between users publikującymi information notice on the Website, offering the sale of seats on courses, training courses, conferences, events and Users interested in this type of information, buyers courses, places on courses, training courses, conferences, events and rezerwującymi place. 
  10. Medcourses.us us has exclusive rights to the website (appearance and used solutions, as well as infrastructure) page, which are made available to Medcourses.us. Copying, using elements of Medcourses.us, content, without the prior written (including mail) approval of the Administration Medcourses.us is prohibited. 
  11. At the time of booking, purchase the course, on the course, trained, conference, event, buyers agree to send by us e-mail to the Provider the course and establish contact with him. Advertiser at the time of publication of the notice, information, consent to the contact with other users of Medcourses.us.
  12. Cancellation, modification, the buyer's reservation on the course, training, conferences, the event is only possible under the conditions specified by the advertiser Provider's place, and not dependent on the administration of Medcourses.us.
  13.  In the event of cancellation, exchange rate changes, training, conferences, events by the User Provider's place on the course, training, conferences, the event is obliged to notify all changes Users buyers, booking a course, place on a course through Medcourses.us and agree with them the conditions for reimbursement paid for the course or other form of redress. 
  14. us charges commissions, indicated in the price list and/or in the pages of Medcourses.us, for the sold/booked courses on the course, conference, event. Medcourses.us provider at the time of publication, shall enter into a legally binding relationship with Medcourses.us and is obliged to discharge the due commission from the sale. 
  15. Prepaid orders for spot/for a course, a conference, the event is non-refundable and pays it Seller through Internet payment when ordering. The remaining amount is manifold through Buyer, and Medcourses.us Provider outside Medcourses.us. 
  16. Mus has the right to stop the advance payment to the amount of commission Medcourses.us and pass it as payment for the commission. 
  17. The content of advertisements and messages from the contact form does not violate applicable laws or the Regulations, in particular, not allowed is: 
  • posting website addresses through which the sale is made,  
  • encouraging to read the assortment offered outside medcourses.us
  • posting content of advertising or post-announcement, in particular incentive to make purchases outside medcourses.us.  
  1.  In us we are not allowed to place ads, which enable the completion of the purchase of outside medcourses.us or suggest such a possibility. This also applies to offers to allow bypassing of fees and commissions from sales. Circumventing fees is unfair competition between users. He brings losses to both users Provider honestly and medcourses.us medcourses.us, which allows the sale. 
  • 3 Final Provisions 
  1. If your property was in any way used in this Site without your knowledge or consent, notify the Administrator. 
  2. The law applicable to these Terms and Conditions is the law of the United States, all the outstanding issues are the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. Any disputes between the parties shall be settled by the court of the place of residence of the Administrator.
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