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Clinical Specialty Education

Name: Clinical Specialty Education
Company Id: 3991
Phone: 6127307776
Address: 12826 Nevada City Hwy
Zip Code: 95959
City: Nevada City, CA
Profile: Physiotherapy
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Patricia Roholt is a Physical Therapist  and Certified Hand Therapist. Ms. Roholt has specialized in Hand Therapy since 1985.  She has enjoyed a varied background in her 40 years as a therapist practicing in a varied of hand therapy settings as well as general therapy. Patricia has been a practicing hand therapist for over 33 years and a CHT for 27 years! Ms. Roholt has taught live continuing education seminars on various hand therapy topics since 1992 throughout the USA and internationally. After focusing on clinical practice for the past decade, Patricia has returned to her role as a professional educator since 2014 . She is enthusiastic and excited about sharing her extensive background and experience with both physical and occupational therapists and assistants interested in hand therapy!

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