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Raise public awareness regarding safe nurse to patient ratios!

The Show Me Your Stethoscope Foundation (SMYS) is a national network of dedicated nurse volunteers, leaders, and contributors. Through people power, SMYS is taking a grassroots approach to systemic issues affecting nurses at the local, regional, and national levels.  

This movement is dedicated to saving the lives of patients and the nursing profession.

#NursesTakeDC is a grassroots movement, in the spirit of #NursesUnite, led by thousands of bedside nurses from all around the United States. These nurses call for all nurses, all nursing organizations and the public to come together to advocate for safe nurse to patient ratios. 

nurses take dc


Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Nurses, healthcare providers, and the scientific community understand that unsafe nurse-to-patient ratios contribute to increased morbidity and mortality for patients.  Unsafe staffing also creates unhealthy and unsafe environments for nurses to practice, and contributes to nurse burnout. As a result, our community is working to change the current care environment. 

NursesTakeDC is taking place April 26, 2018.

Nurses across the U.S. are gathering again at our Capitol to advocate for their patients’ safety and the nursing profession. The 3rd Annual Rally is intended to raise national awareness that adequate numbers of skilled, educated licensed nurses produce quality patient outcomes and saves lives. The movement is to mandate safe nurse staffing by using a set maximum ratio of patients per nurse. Inadequate nurse staffing endangers patients lives. Decades of data supports how adequate nursing care reduces infections, lessens falls, reduces heart attacks, and reduces mortality. 

Be Part of the movement!

Raise public awareness regarding safe nurse to patient ratios; meet with legislators to discuss nurse staffing; and to support the pending legislation.

Information on the NursesTakeDC movement www.nursestakedc.com and Facebook #NursesTakeDC

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