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How to define physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) provides support needed to develop, maintain and recover physical function. It is a branch of medicine practiced by professional, highly-educated, and licensed medical specialists. They help patients in the treatment of diseases, improvement their physical conditions, reduce pain and prevent mobility problems.

Common types of Physiotherapy Treatments:

  • Banleotheraphy - patient soaking in mineral water, especially in spas, pools, and natural sources like hot or cold springs, lakes, etc.
  • Hydrotherapy - exercises, rehabilitation in a water environment.
  • Climatotherapy - relocation to another environment  as a form of treatment
  • Kinesiotherapy - uses passive or active forms of physical activity to impact muscles and stimulate them
  • Medical massage - a series of movements that exert pressure on the patient’s body to help tissue to function properly
  • Electrical stimulation - electrodes placed on the skin muscles can provide pain relief
  • Hot therapy - uses the impact of heat on blood flow and pain
  • Cold therapy  can minimize pain and supports many kinds of medical massage
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