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Applied Clinical Education

Name: Applied Clinical Education
Company Id: 3989
Phone: 201-218-9656
Address: 545 West 45th Street, 8th Floor
Zip Code: 10036
City: New York, NY
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Who We Are

As an advocate of lifelong learning and supporter of applied learning strategies, Applied Clinical Education (ACE) is dedicated to providing education that strengthens medical knowledge and enhances the clinical care of patients by health care professionals with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and public health. In doing so, ACE contributes to physicians’ commitment to improving their professional growth and providing excellent health care to patients.

ACE develops educational initiatives designed to meet the needs of practicing clinicians based on identified and verifiable gaps within a target audience. Individual activities focus on maintaining, developing, or increasing the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of clinicians to advance care.

Since its inception in 1994, ACE has gained a wealth of real-world experience and success in accomplishing this mission principally because of its history of producing superior, fair-balanced, evidence-based CME, and the ability to implement live, online, mobile, or print educational initiatives for its large, unique distribution network of physicians and health care professionals.

Reach of Education: Live, Print, and Online Distribution

Planning for a successful CME program must include careful consideration of the reach of education. How can an activity best be made available to those whom the needs assessment has found will benefit from it? An effective approach is to use serial learning through multiple educational formats.

Live CME

ACE has tremendous practical knowledge and creative experience in conducting live CME programming throughout the United States. Through use of a variety of formats, including Cases and Conversations, Critical Pathway Programs, Community Forums, Symposia-in-the-Round, and satellite symposia at national meetings, ACE delivers effective, interactive live education that affects learning and skills positively across a diverse therapeutic spectrum.

ACE believes that all CME activities should be of significant educational value and at their core breed interactivity among the learners to affect physician behavior positively and improve patient outcomes. This is why ACE employs cutting-edge technology, adult learning principles, and multiple educational strategies in conjunction with its live CME activities. These include calls for cases, interactive case studies, keypad audience polling, online prequels and sequels, outcomes performance tracking, self-directed learning, and intimate expert discussions.

Print CME

Distribution of ACE’s medical educational materials through McMahon Publishing’s family of specialty publications is an excellent way to extend the reach of education. Taken together, McMahon Publishing’s popular newsmagazines regularly reach an audience of more than 250,000 clinicians.

Online CME

ACE also makes all educational activities available on its medical education website®. As described above, CMEZone® maintains a membership of more than 100,000 and receives more than 2.2 million hits each quarter. Further, ACE’s proprietary relationships provide access to more than 200,000 additional clinicians.

Drawing on an exclusive relationship with McMahon Publishing’s specialty publications and the even broader audience afforded by®, ACE effectively delivers CME activities to target audiences.

Since 1994, the only constant in CME has been change; ACE consistently evolves to stay ahead of the educational evolutionary curve.

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